New WordPress plug-in released: ToggleTracking

WordPress Theme switching can be a pain
WordPress Themes are great but can present a few issues when you decide to change to a new theme. If you are like me, you may not be satisfied with a stock theme and tend to do a little “tweaking” after the fact. At a minimum, I always add a number of tracking scripts (Google Analytics, MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog) to the head section (<head></head>) of my blog allowing me to track site usage. The problem with “tweaking” is that every time I change templates I need to transfer these “tweaks” to my new theme. This process is not that difficult but can be rather time consuming (and can also lend itself to error).

My solution
With that being said, I thought it was time to investigate an automated solution. I searched for a plug-in that could move my tweaks to a new theme upon theme activation but was unable to find anything remotely close…so I decided to roll my own solution.

I have created a plug-in that takes your tracking code and stores it in the WordPress database. From there the plug-in hooks into The Loop so that the tracking code shows up on each page. I also added a feature that allows you to turn this tracking code on/off. This feature is useful if you have a sandboxed WordPress installation (used to test template changes away from your production server) and do not want to skew your stats by repeated testing.

If you are interested in downloading this plug-in you can get it here:

Download ToggleTracking 1.0 WordPress Plug-in

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