The ToggleTracking WordPress plug-in allows you turn on/off tracking code that you have placed in the head section of your blog pages (such as MyBlogLog, Google Analytics, etc.) This code (usually JavaScript) is typically placed after the fact and is not part of your stock blog template. ToggleTracking allows you to enter this code in one place and turn it on/off at will (without having to dig through your code).

This plug-in is useful if you are testing your WordPress installation on a server (other than your production server) and you don’t want to skew your stats while testing out your site. This plug-in also comes in handy when you switch templates, alleviating the need to transfer any head section tweaks you have made over to your new template.

To use this plug-in simply enter the head code/script(s) you would like to turn on/off in the code editor, check the “Turn on Tracking Code” checkboxif you would like to turn on tracking, and then click on “Update Options”. That’s it, from now on you will now be able to turn your tracking code on/off as you please.

Download ToggleTracking 1.0 WordPress Plug-in here

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